Winning Within Wellness Center was founded by Dr. Jason Stadther, DC for the purpose of helping people with health issues like Diabetes, Unwanted Belly Fat, Thyroid problems, Low Energy, Autoimmune, etc, find an approach that allows for the underlying issues to be addressed.  Dr. Stadther received his chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2000.  Dr. Stadther also has taken advanced study courses in functional medicine, functional endocrinology and functional nutrition.  At Winning Within Wellness Center, Dr. Stadther uses blood testing, saliva testing and other lab test to determine what levels of functioning are not optimized and uses a proven wellness program that has helped thousands achieve a new sense of hope regarding optimized health.

It is Dr. Stadther’s belief that over 70% of all chronic health problems in America today are related to lifestyle and diet and therefore preventable.  With this belief the missing 2 ingredients are 1) knowledge (information/education on what is wrong and what to do) and 2) action (an action plan and a commitment from both the wellness member and doctor/coach) to follow through with that plan.

While it is true that seeing a medical doctor under the current model allows patients only 7-10 minutes of face to face time, we at Winning Within Wellness offer a full 60 minutes on the initial consultation.  To qualify for a consultation, one must attend our free “Stress, Hormones & Health” seminar.   Call today at 651-400-9382!!